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      2. CityU enjoys substantial support from a large and growing number of alumni who are ready, willing and able to put their collective energy into a range of supportive and fundraising initiatives. Our Alumni Ambassadors provide an energetic and enthusiastic service to CityU.


        Enthusiastic Alumni Ambassadors


        Alumni Associations Worldwide


        Countries and Regions in which Alumni are Residing


        Alumni Giving

        The CityU Alumni Giving Club is the invaluable conduit for students and alumni to channel their generous donations in support of their alma mater.


        Alumni Benefits

        CityU always wants to maintain strong ties with students after they graduate.? Our alumni are welcome?to come back, enjoy the campus facilities, and reminisce about the good times.

        Distinguished Alumni Award

        Distinguished Alumni Award

        CityU?has nurtured graduates who excel in a diverse range of professions for the betterment of society. The biennial Distinguished Alumni Award (Award) was first launched in 2009 to honour outstanding alumni who had made distinctive contributions to their professions, the University and the community.

        Alumni Stories

        Harsh AGRAWAL
        Harsh Agrawal
        BSc (Hons) Creative Media, CityU
        Character Texturing and Shading Artist, Industrial Light & Magic, Singapore
        The rational animator

        Pixar Animation Studios' 2018 Oscar-winning film, Coco, was critically acclaimed globally. Among those on the credits was Harsh Agrawal, an alumnus of CityU's School of Creative Media who contributed to the film's character texture and shading.?

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        derek chan
        Derek Chan
        Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, CityU
        Senior Counsel of HKSAR
        From CityU to Senior Counsel

        Derek was called to the Hong Kong Bar in 2004 and he took silk in 2018. Since commencing practice, Derek’s focus has mainly been on commercial crime, corruption and criminal cases. He has appeared as counsel in a number of high profile criminal cases.

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        John Chan
        BBA (Hons) Business Economics, CityU
        Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer of Star Capital Group Limited
        From table-tennis to entrepreneurship

        John is a promising entrepreneur with business portfolio ranging from hospitality to property management. Perseverance and persistence, the qualities that he has developed through table tennis training, are his keys to success.

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        mabel chan
        Mabel Chan
        BA (Hons) Accountancy
        Deputy Managing Partner & National Head (Outbound Market Development), Grant Thornton Hong Kong Limited
        Embracing tech-driven changes in accountancy

        Mabel is the former President of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and she sheds light on how she leads the industry professionals to embrace the impact of advanced technologies.

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        jenny chow
        Jenny Chow Fung-yee
        Executive Master of Business Administration
        Senior Advisor, United Nations Social Impact Fund
        Sponsor, United Nations Development Programme - Build Bangladesh Fund
        Chief Strategy Officer, MyCash Online
        Advancing sustainability at the United Nations

        For the past decade, Jenny Chow Fung-yee has viewed compliance as her life's work, undertaking senior roles in the field at major companies and angel investment firms, including SPDB, ICBC and China Renaissance.

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        Lifelong Learning

        CityU offers wide range of programmes in various disciplines.? Do check back often and see how CityU can help with your career development.


        Alumni Update

        Let's build up our strong alumni network!? Update your personal information and stay tuned with the latest happenings of CityU.

        United, CityU is STRONG

        CityU strives to create a strong network of alumni and nurture a caring culture in the University community.? We connect alumni and enhance their affiliation by organising various programmes and activities.

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